On one side of the room (sneering and hissing) were the brand advertisers and creatives whose measure of whether or not their advertising was effective was based on how many awards they won from design competitions and advertising associations. Although traditionally excellent at getting attention for their clients with highly clever and creative advertising that resembled entertainment, they never were strong at closing the sale and measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns.

On the other side of the room (rolling their eyes and thumbing their noses) were the direct response marketers, whose unapologetic style involved figuring out how to grab the target audience by the throat and get them to take immediate action by any means necessary. Strong copywriting designed to push people’s buttons with irresistible offers crafted to make them pick up the phone with credit card in hand were the signature tactics. Sophistication was out the window. Creativity and branding always took backseat to highly strategic and formulaic methods for reaching the target audience and getting them to act.

Then a funny thing began to happen. Some smart brand advertisers started borrowing from direct response marketers and some smart direct response marketers started borrowing from brand advertisers. People began to notice how the combination of these two styles actually increased the overall effectiveness of the results they were getting for their clients. Maybe there was a way after all to deliver both highly effective marketing while building a brand in the process.

And that’s where we come in.

Swashbuckle Media combines the best practices of brand advertising and direct response marketing to create highly effective marketing and advertising media that attracts customers and builds a strong reputation in the process. We are one of the first direct response brand marketing agencies and proud of it. Our clients are thrilled with the results they’re getting with us and are glad to talk about it.

But enough about that. Perhaps the reason why you’re here today is that your business has some pressing needs that need to get fixed and you want to be sure who you choose to help is solid. Maybe you’re a seasoned marketer who is having a hard time finding a creative team that understands marketing. Since you’ve come this far, maybe you’ll come little farther. Click on the button below to schedule a free phone consultation and let’s see if there’s a way we can help.


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