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Swashbuckle Media is proud to partner with businesses where we can make a difference. We take our role (but generally not ourselves) seriously as partners in seeing that your marketing front-end simply works by finding and engaging the people who are qualified to be your customers. Below you will find a few examples of customers where we've done just that.

TLC Incorporated operates as a B2C with several home service areas that are related, opening up many possibilities for increasing the lifetime value a customer. Click on the video to find out what the CEO had to say about working with us.

“Brandon conceived, created and strategically placed Western's first ad campaign across Colorado and in target markets throughout the country. As a result, our admissions department has received the largest number of accepted freshman applications since 1992.” - Tom F. Burggraf, VP for Institutional Advancement, Western State College of Colorado

“He recently wrote email copy for a client that produced $14,000 in sales to a list of just 450 prospects. He has an exceptional capacity to dive into a market and appeal to prospects in a way that produces incomparable results.” - Brian Kiel, Operations Manager, Capstone Strategic Partners

You can be dearly loved by your customers but if you don't have a way to continually engage and stay in the forefront of their attention, they will eventually leave. Here's what the CEO of Crazy 88 Brazilian jujitsu had to say about a member reactivation campaign we did for them.

“Well thought out designs which are properly executed is Brandon's trademark. His approach is to listen carefully to a client desires and then apply his creativity in meeting their requirements.” - Karen TerHorst, Motivation Media

“Brandon was a speaker on Internet business solutions at our Gunnison Valley small business development conference produced by the Colorado Small Business Development Center. His address was captivating, effective and on point. He has joined our network as a small business Counselor specializing in Internet business solutions for an 8 county area.” - Roger Haga, Director of the Small Business Development Center

When you're in front of head coaches from some of the biggest teams in the NBA, you have an extremely small window to capture and convince them why they should trust you. Here's the CEO of NetValue talking about his experience using us to create a presentation for the Detroit Pistons.

“No matter what happens, what curveballs are thrown his way, Brandon can handle them with grace, ease and speed. Numerous times, project deadlines would change, scope of work adjusted, marketing copy would need to be changed. For a guy like Brandon it was no big deal. He’d get in there, roll up his sleeves and get it done.” - Matt Gillogly, CMO Capstone Strategic Partners

“Brandon was extremely effective in helping several of our clients get more traffic and higher conversions. He mapped out an online marketing and sales funnel that is now our control for our online lead generation efforts. The methods he has created really works. He has proven to be a strong asset to our team.” - Carolyn Perkins, CEO Screenshot Development

Attorneys can get a really bad rap sometimes. Fortunately for them, the attorneys at Shapiro and Mac have a superior reputation for taking care of their clients. Here's one's experience
working with us.

“Thank you for capturing the essence of what we do during our recent $4000 per week campaign. Your sales copy for the three emails and video hit the mark, we had 164 opt ins and 58 buys not bad for 1800 count house list. So far we have completed thirty-five 30 minute strategy sessions and six new clients have signed up. We are continuing to drip and nature the other opt ins and potential clients. Thanks for a job well done!” - Gary Gunn CEO,

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